The Twizzy – Game 19 Results

Hello, readers. Thanks for playing along and having fun with The Twizzy. Here are the results for Game 19.

This week I had 9 correct answers! That may be the most ever. The winner is a previous two-time winner. Obviously this woman is a contender for the sparkly tiara set to be given to The Twizzy Grand Champion at the conclusion of The Twizzy. She was the first guess (51 minutes in). Runners-up consist of: last week’s winner @cassie_jackson, previous two-time winner @sjttrmfb, @mllecheree, @izzell, previous three-time winner (and, sadly, a Red Sux lover) @wrightallison, @pcarlson001, a very enthusiastic @bsfirstpages, and my best friend Millicent.

So who is the winner? It’s @busybrd. CONGRATULATIONS, Heike! You are now a 3-time winner! Pick a prize from the ever-changing list below.

Prizes consist of: Seven Souls A Leaping co-written and donated by Kellyann Zuzulo (while supplies last), 1 copy of How to Build a Fire written and donated by Erin Bried,  a hardcover book of my choice from the grab bag donated by Alyssa Smith, or $15 Barnes & Noble gift e-cards (1 donated by Kellyann Zuzulo)

So who was the Twizzy Star for Game 19?

You know her.

You love her.

You’ve hopefully read her incredible books. If you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend them.

The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 19 is Allison Winn-Scotch.  @aswinn

Allison is a New York Times Bestselling Author. Her novels are The One That I Want, Time of My Life, and The Department of Lost and Found.

Hope everyone had fun. Your guesses, as usual, were funny. Have a great weekend and be back here Monday for The Twizzy – Game 20! And remember, speed counts, follow the rules, and NO, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE STARS TO PLAY! Guess right away and every day. You might be the next winner.


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  1. Good morning,
    I’d love to get the book “How to build a fire” by Erin Bried 🙂 Thank you so much,


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