The Twizzy – Game 14 Results

Hello, readers. Thanks for playing along and having fun with The Twizzy. Here are the results for Game 14.

This week I had only 1 correct answer. You guys seemed really stumped by my Twizzy Star. I was going to release a clue on Thursday morning but when I woke up, I didn’t need to. Someone put the winning guess in before I was even out of bed! I’m actually really proud of this person, too. She is one of my hardcore participants who puts in a guess nearly every day (Monday-Friday) for 14 weeks now! I’m delighted she won. Even more so because she’s been my very best friend since 5th grade. Congratulations, Mill! YOU WON! Pick your prize from the following list and let me know your choice in the comments section on this page.

Prizes have once again changed, so heads-up. They now consist of: Seven Souls A Leaping co-written and donated by Kellyann Zuzulo (while supplies last), 1 copy of How to Sew a Button written and donated by Erin Bried, 1 copy of How to Build a Fire written and donated by Erin Bried, macaroons or starry, starry nights from, and $15 Barnes & Noble gift e-cards.

So who was the fabulous Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 14?

You know her.

You love her.

You’ve hopefully read her books – but in case you haven’t, she’s offering them as prizes in The Twizzy because she’s that awesome!

The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 14 was the adorable author and new mommy, Erin Bried (@niftybutton). Erin is a pie baker, s’more maker, snowboarder and Brooklynite. She’s author of the books How to Sew a Button & How to Build a Fire. And she’s Senior Staff writer at SELF mag. Thanks for playing, Erin! I loved your answers!

Hope everyone had fun. Your guesses, as usual, were funny. Have a great weekend and be back here Monday for The Twizzy – Game 15! And remember, speed counts, follow the rules, and NO, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE STARS TO PLAY! Guess right away and every day. You might be the next winner.


One response to “The Twizzy – Game 14 Results”

  1. Holly crap! I can’t believe it, well it’s about time!! 😉 I’m going to let you pick a book of the ones you have listed for me. Since I don’t know anything about any of the books you just send me your favorite! Yea me!


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