The Twizzy – Game 12

~ You love them. You’ve read their books or articles. You follow them on Twitter. But how well do you know them and their wicked sense of humor? Play The Twizzy and find out. ~

Happy Monday and welcome back to another game of The Twizzy! Thank you for all your responses.

Are you ready for Game 12?

Remember, each of you is allowed 1 guess per day.

I’ll give a recap for those of you who haven’t played yet:

In my quest to keep you all entertained, I thought up a quiz. But not just any quiz. That would be boring. This is a quiz where Twitter Stars answer 30 questions. As you’ll see, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill questions. That, too, would be boring. As far as I’m concerned, this is the first time something of this scope has been done on Twitter. If it isn’t, I’m sure someone will let me know (but I won’t believe them).

Originally it was just to be the published authors I interact with but this plan grew and grew. Everyone I asked said yes! So what you have here is a lovely mix of writers – from New York Times Bestselling authors to newly published ones. From sportswriters to freelance journalists. I didn’t stop there though. I asked literary agents and editors, and then it extended to all aspects of publishing – from business development to public relations. I’ve even been lucky enough to snag one British celebrity.

Below is the list of the participants with their Twitter bio and handles. While you go through, you may consider following them, and buying their books or newspapers. These people are awesome, truly. As busy as they are, they took time out to play “The Twizzy” and they answered the questions with such flair that I was laughing each time a new email came in.

Once you’ve gone through the list, take a look at the question and answer session below. You will laugh. The questions will be the same every Monday. Your job is to figure out who from the list answered the questions that week. Include your guess in the comments section here on my blog. I will not post your comments until the winner has been announced. This is because I want you to guess on your own. If by Thursday there is still no correct answer, I’ll give 1 hint. The first correct answer wins a prize. Yes, a prize. They consist of: Seven Souls A Leaping co-written and donated by Kellyann Zuzulo (while supplies last), 1 copy of How to Sew a Button written and donated by Erin Bried, 1 copy of How to Build a Fire written and donated by Erin Bried, and $15 Barnes & Noble gift cards (with 1 donated by the wonderful Kellyann Zuzulo). You will have until Friday to guess. Then I will reveal The Twizzy Star of the Week. If you’re not on Twitter, you can still play because you’ve likely read their books or articles, and, as the weeks go on, the list will narrow.

If you have any questions, Tweet me at and please use “#TheTwizzy” in your question.

Have fun and good luck!

~ Denise

The Twizzy Stars List for Game 12 (If you’re interested in who my past Twizzy Stars were, please scroll to the bottom of this page.)

Nichole Bernier @NicholeBernier: Writer (Conde Nast Traveler) & mother of 5 trafficking in humor, Twizzlers, occasionally wisdom. Novel THE UNFINISHED WORK OF ELIZABETH D, Crown/RH 2012.

Erin Bried @NiftyButton: Mod girl looking back. Pie baker, storyteller, collector of old timey wisdom. Author of How to Build a Fire & Sew a Button (Ballantine). Self mag staff writer.

Pete Caldera @pcaldera: Bergen Record Yankees beat writer/occasional band vocalist with the Stan Rubin Orchestra. And

Marc Carig @ledger_yankees: Real-time coverage of the New York Yankees by The Star-Ledger and And

Brenda Copeland @BrendaCopeland: executive editor, teacher, reader, friend, cheese lover

Catherine Delors @CatherineDelors: Writer, historical fiction (For the King, Mistress of the Revolution.) Loves Paris, history and the 18th century.

Mark Feinsand @BloggingBombers: The Yankees beat writer for the New York Daily News.

Jenny Gardiner @jennygardiner: Author of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, Winging It: A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who’s Determined to Kill Me, & Slim to None. Also a laugh ho.

Jennifer Gilmore @jenwgilmore: Author of the new novel Something Red, and the NYTimes Notable novel, Golden Country.

Jane Heller @janeheller1: Novelist, Screenwriter, Blogger, Author of Confessions of a She-Fan, Yankees diehard, movies/books fan, pop culture maven

Sean Kennedy @slicksean: Writer/journalist/media consultant. Tweets are 20% each: current affairs/culture; writing/media; LGBT topics; food/food systems; personal.

Bob Klapisch @BobKlap: Baseball columnist for The Bergen Record and and

Ann Leary @annleary: Author of OUTTAKES FROM A MARRIAGE and An INNOCENT, A BROAD

Holly LeCraw @HollyLeCraw : Writer, reader, southerner far from home. My first novel, The Swimming Pool, is out in paperback from Doubleday this April.

Georgia McBride @Georgia_McBride: YA author of the PRAEFATIO series. Represented by Mark McVeigh of The McVeigh Agency. Founder of #YAlitchat. Mom to 2 humans + 3 Chihuahuas. Hopeless Romantic.

Susan Orlean @susanorlean: Writer, writer, writer. Oh, I also write.

Karen Palmer @karen_palmer: Writer, editor, teacher. If I had to choose between reading and eating I’d be dead in a week.

David Pomerico @DelReySpectra: Del Rey and Spectra are two of the biggest SF, fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance imprints in–and out of–the world.

Jerome Priesler @YankeesInk: New York Times bestselling novelist and regular contributor to

Drew Sarver @mypinstripes : Database Developer, Blogger, writer, Beagle lover, Husband

Kathleen Schmidt @bookgirl96: A bookish broad, PR superhero, mother of two, lover of sports, and wife of @Rockpappa.

Jayne Sharp-Vitty @jaynesharp: Mummy, wife, voice over & telly gal x

Alyssa Smith @booksandcorsets: Editor, reviewer, convention organizer, avid costumer, and owner of several demanding parrots. Non-official feed. Tweets about her interests: cooking, sewing

Allison Winn-Scotch @aswinn: Novelist, NY Times best seller (yeah, I had to get that in), celeb profiler, diaper changer, dog walker, ass-kicker, pop culture junkie, superwoman.

Laura Zigman @laurazigman: Writer, branter, complainer, mom, recovering publicist.

Kellyann Zuzulo @kfzuzulo: Former journalist, author of tales, word laborer, stirrer of soup.

The Twizzy – Game 12

1. How hard was it to break into your line of work? Do you enjoy it?

Break is a good word for it. Writing for an audience can break your confidence and your patience and, for some reason, the ‘n’ key on my keyboard. But, yes, I enjoy it immensely. Otherwise, I’d be crazy to keep doing it.

2. Have you any advice for people who would also like to do your line of work?

Persistence, diligence, determination, keep at it, don’t give up…any others? Uh, oh yeah, perserverance.

3. Are you known by any nicknames?

A couple of my author friends have a nickname for me. But if I tell you, it’ll give me away. But there is another nickname that even strangers on the street seem to know. What a coincidence that I’ve heard it often on Philly’s streets. “Hey, Slim” they’ll say. Go figure.

4. What song’s your tearjerker?

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot. Tragedy in real life. Pass the tissues, please.

5. Do you like capers?

Funny you should ask about capers. I only put them on certain recipes and sometimes they remind me too much of rabbit droppings to be palatable, but I recently ran out of olives for the Friday martini. I scoured the cabinets for some Spanish Queens. Nada. But there’s a full jar of capers on the top shelf of the fridge. So I dropped a couple in the bottom of the glass just for the brine and it was fine.

6. Any food you must have?

Spanish queen olives. See above.

7. Pet?

I love to pet.

8. How do you feel about the word “carbuncle”?

I feel red, sore and swollen and oddly about to pop.

9. Favorite stroll?

Along a beach with Barry Manilow playing on the walkman. Okay, kidding about Barry and the walkman; was feeling retro. Any beach, any time, anywhere. (***Note from Denise: This answer has been redacted.***)

10. Most embarrassing memory?

The guy that all my friends knew I was dating showed up on the pages of Vanity Fair….with his fiancée. SNAP.

11. Biggest pet peeve?

People who say “between you and I.” Ai-yi-yi. Objective case, anyone?!

12. Who would you like to meet (in any time period)?

In the current age, I’d like to meet my new literary agent. In a past age, I would love to meet Benjamin Franklin, and I would hope that he’d pinch my butt.

13. Who bugs the crap out of you?

Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. What a drag, man.

14. Favorite book?

The Kama Sutra. haha. Kidding again. I only look at the pictures. I’ll read anything, even a grocery list, by Jasper Fforde.

15. Do songs by Nickelback make you want to stuff hot pokers in your ears?

Hahaha. That’s a great image.

16. Favorite movie?

It’s a tie between The Shining with Jack Nicholson and The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. (Like most writers, I’m a little schizophrenic.)

17. Is marmite the singular form of marmosets? More importantly, does marmite make you want to vomit?

It’s not something you spread on toast? Wasn’t there a song by Men at Work about marmite….wait, that was vegemite.

18. Favorite quote?

Diligence is the mother of good luck. -Benjamin Franklin

19. Favorite swear word?

Scheiß, pronounced shy-za. It’s shit in German…it’s fun to say and won’t shock the kids.

20. How do you feel about capybaras?

What a lovely muff they would make.

21. Guilty pleasure?

Lobster and champagne.

22. Favorite character?

Ashura-Goreem. (***Note from Denise: This answer has been redacted.***)

23. Do people who say “sammich” make you want to kick them in the crotch?

Well, at least smear peanut butter in their hair.

24. Which character would win this smackdown: Peter Venkman, Jack Donaghy, Stay Puft, Dwight Shrute, George Costanza, Basil Fawlty, Mortimer Brewster, Hyacinth Bucket, Mr. Whipple, or the Maytag Repairman?

Jack Donaghy. I’ll lay my money on a wiseass Irishman any day.

25. Phobias?

Fear of unmapped meteors falling on my house. Would that be an astrophobia or just stupidphobia?

26. How do feel about cheese? Be specific.

Blue…when I don’t have it….also Dubliner, Manchego, goat, and Stilton.

27. Which 1980’s comedy film is this from: “Where’s the rest of this moose?”

eh, Trading Places? I give up…

28. Foods you refuse to eat?

Organ meat. ugh, just the thought of it….

29. Where do you stand on Justin Bieber?

His mouth — to keep the sound in.

*Bonus* Finish this quote from a 1980’s comedy: “Generally you don’t see that kind of behavior in ____________________________.”


________________ Past Twizzy Stars ____________________

***The lovely Bethanne Patrick was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 1. You can find and follow her at @thebookmaven.

Bethanne is responsible for #fridayreads on Twitter and the Friday Reads Facebook page. By all means, stop by every Friday and share what you’re reading.

***The charming Caroline Leavitt was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 2. You can find and follow her at @leavittnovelist.

Caroline has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for 2 weeks in a row now with her book PICTURES OF YOU. Why not buy it today?

***The hilarious Wallace Matthews was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 3. You can find and follow him at @ESPNNYYankees .

Wallace is the Yankees Beat Writer for ESPN New York.

***The adorable Julie Klam was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 4. You can find and follow her at @julieklam .

Julie is the New York Times Bestselling Author of You Had Me At Woof: How Dogs Taught Me The Secrets of Happiness and Please Excuse My Daughter (Riverhead)

***The fabulous Colleen Lindsay was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 5. You can find and follow her at @colleenlindsay

Colleen is a former literary agent who is currently part of the Business Development team at Penguin Group (USA).

***The wonderful Veronica Brooks-Sigler was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 6. You can find and follow her at @getlit_erate

Veronica is the author of Five Finger Fiction. She is working on a sequel. Yay!

***The witty Brett Sandusky was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 7. You can find and follow him at @bsandusky and

Brett is a digital publishing professional, innovator, strategist, marketer and writer.

***The funny Elana Roth was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 8. You can find and follow her at @ElanaRoth and

Elana is a literary agent at the Caren Johnson Literary Agency. She’s also second-to-none in quoting Ghostbusters.

***The delightful Gesine Bullock-Prado was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 9. You can find and follow her at @closetmastrbakr and

Gesine is a pastry chef, the owner of Gesine Confectionary, and author of Confections of a Closet Master Baker/My Life from Scratch and the recent Sugar Baby

***The captivating Laura Strachan was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 10. You can find and follow her at @StrachanLit and

Laura is my literary agent. She represents literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. She loves books, art, theatre — compelling stories, well told.

***The talented Joe Wallace was The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 11. You can find and follow him at  @joe_wallace

Joe is an author of nonfiction books, noir stories, and a novel, DIAMOND RUBY.

They are no longer choices for the remaining games in The Twizzy.



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