The Twizzy – Game 5 Results

As promised, here’s the big reveal on who The Twizzy Star of the Week was for Game 5.

This week we had only two correct answers and it was a close call as one of the correct answers was sent to me via Direct Message on Twitter.

Come on!

You know you have to post in the comments section here on my blog, don’t you?

People, you must follow the rules – even if you are…

My literary agent…


That’s right, Laura Strachan, I’m looking at you. Had you followed the rules and been quicker you’d have won. As it stands, the time stamp on the Direct Message shows that the first correct answer posted on the blog beat it by over 40 minutes.

But still. Laura, Laura, Laura… Hang your head in shame.

Ah, never mind. The correct answer was posted by a Robyn Elfie. Robyn, I’m not sure what your Twitter handle is, so you’ll have to send me a message on there and let me know. Barring that, leave another comment here with your email and home addresses. Congratulations! Pick your prize from the following list and let me know your choice.

Prizes consist of: An Uncommon History of Common Things co-written and donated by Bethanne Patrick (while supplies last), Seven Souls A Leaping co-written and donated by Kellyann Zuzulo (while supplies last), 1 copy of How to Sew a Button written and donated by Erin Bried, 1 copy of How to Build a Fire written and donated by Erin Bried, $15 Barnes & Noble gift cards (with 1 donated by the wonderful Kellyann Zuzulo), and Starry, Starry Nights or Macaroons that I’ll buy from Gesine Confectionary (

So who was the fabulous Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 5?

You know her.

You love her.

She’s given would-be writers incredibly useful advice – and she knows her stuff as she is a former literary agent who now works for Penguin.

She’s made you laugh countless times – and most likely had you in stitches as you read the skirt-tucking story this week.

The Twizzy Star of the Week for Game 5 was none other than the FABULOUS Colleen Lindsay @ColleenLindsay. Thanks for playing, Colleen! You cracked me up for a week after receiving your emails. PLUS you answered the movie questions correctly. You scored some serious points on the total movie geek scale with me. You rock.

THAT is how you do it, people!

Hope everyone had fun. Your guesses, as usual, were funny. Have a great weekend and be back here Monday for The Twizzy – Game 6! And remember, speed counts, follow the rules, and NO, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE STARS TO PLAY! Guess right away and every day. You might be the next winner.


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