The Twizzy – Game 1 – The Star of the Week & The Winner

As promised, here’s the big reveal on who The Twizzy Star of the Week was for Game 1.

From this unaltered answer, can you figure out who it is?

22.  Favorite character?

“Favorite character in literature? In film? On Twitter? OK: In literature, The Gollum. In film, Alan Bates in “King of Hearts.” On Twitter, @BlackAddler.”

That alone should be your major giveaway.

You know her.

You love her.

She was born in the same New York town as me, which makes her that much cooler.


Yes, you guessed it. Everyone go congratulate Bethanne Patrick @thebookmaven for her very clever answers. She very much enjoyed that her answers kept you all crazy for days. Bethanne, you are a lovely person for taking part.

And the lucky winner of The Twizzy Game 1 is Lisa Adams @AdamsLisa

Lisa, DM me your email address so we can handle your prize.

Hope you all had fun. Your guesses were a riot. Be back here Monday for The Twizzy – Game 2!


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