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It’s Just a Small Update

Hello, chaps:

Sorry to have been incommunicado on here, but life got in the way. I’ve been receiving your comments – thank you – and your questions about my art and my writing. I’ve tried to respond to as many as possible. Today I decided I’d go ahead and give you an update.

I’m currently working on 2 paintings – both are for the same individual. I have another planned that I need to have completed before  July. Yikes! The Daily Gnus have sadly been pushed aside, but they’ll be back. If you’re interested in commissioning me – even for a Daily Gnu, please drop me a line. Let me know the subject matter, when you need it, and what type of medium you’d like. I’ll let you know my availability. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my artworks site at Denise Railey Artworks.

Furthermore, my writing’s taken a backseat recently, sorry. There’s only so much time in the day, and employment keeps me busy. I will get back to my writing, and deciding what to do with the oldest manuscript at some point in the coming months. Stay tuned! I really appreciate all your support and your gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) urging. The not-so-gentle people know who they are. Don’t worry, the characters will be unleashed to an unsuspecting public soon, never fear! And when they do, you’ll love them.

Likewise, I know many of you are hoping there will be another Twizzy someday, and I promise there will be – just give me more time. I do appreciate all the great donated prizes I had for my winners, and the interaction amongst players and the Twizzy stars. Great times.

That’s all for now. For those of you who follow me on Twitter on my SunnySoCal account or my Denise Railey Artworks account,  say hello. I always make time for Tweets 🙂

And So I Gave In

I “should” blog. “Do it!” I was urged. I’m not entirely certain what these kindhearted individuals expected from me. I already Tweet so much, a certain Scotsman decided he needed to unfollow me. I was “clogging” his feed. Really? “Clogging”? I felt like a lump of hair wedged in a bathroom sink. For days after that, I tried to keep quiet. Really I did. But what can I say? It was the 2009 Major League Baseball playoffs. My New York Yankees were wiping the floor with every contender. Was I supposed to keep that to myself? I had fellow Yankees fans counting on my rants, my diatribes, my ecstasies. I couldn’t let them down. Clog or no clog. And so I continued.

I’m told blogging helps with writing. If it does, it takes me away from the two manuscripts I’ve started that sit like dead weights, bobbing up and down on my hard drive like buoys out at sea. “Ahoy! We’re here! Over here! Hallooo!” Yes, I see you. I know you’re there. But Mommy can’t get to you right now. Mommy is still deeply concerned about manuscript one, the one that’s out in the world, being looked at by a literary agent. You know, the one that took years to write? So sink back down to the depths of my hard drive for a while, would you?

My mind goes to and fro. Maybe today isn’t meant for writing? Today I should paint. Who has a birthday or special occasion coming up? I find it easier working on paintings for other people than for myself. Those I put off, much like the sunken manuscripts, waiting, waiting, waiting. The painting above, “Midas Rescued from the Black Hole” was all about waiting. But we won’t go there.

So, a blog? Really? What will I blog about? Paint drying on the canvas? The two very different (and neglected) manuscripts? The odd assortment of items I find on the carpet in my house? The dull, shark-like eyes given me by my family when I say things like, “Someone who isn’t me will be emptying that dishwasher”? Or, how about the line of ants marching in my son’s bedroom? Where are they coming from? Where are they going? It seems purposeless. It’s like they’re on an ant runway, “Does this grain of sand make my butt look big?”

Well here was my blog. My bloggy blog blog. They cannot say I didn’t follow through.