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  • Who’s Your Horton?

    She couldn’t have known how it would affect me. If she had, I’m convinced she’d have forbidden me to have contact with it. My mother’s German. She’s a strict disciplinarian. Had she known my life would forever be shaped by it, well, there’s no telling what would have happened to my Horton Hears a Who […]


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  • No, Really, They’re Still There

    The number of ants inexorably marching across the ledge in my son’s bedroom has lessened. The ones that remain seem confused and/or bored. The way they stop, mid-stride, look around, and go back the way they came without having accomplished anything reminds me of the movements my husband makes when I send him to the […]

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  • And So I Gave In

    I “should” blog. “Do it!” I was urged. I’m not entirely certain what these kindhearted individuals expected from me. I already Tweet so much, a certain Scotsman decided he needed to unfollow me. I was “clogging” his feed. Really? “Clogging”? I felt like a lump of hair wedged in a bathroom sink. For days after […]

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