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  • And The Beat Goes On

    Happy New Year, readers! I’m determined to make it a fabulous 2017. Oh, sure, it’s started off a bit rough for our country, but we’ll all get through this. It’s only four years… As for me, I’m writing again. It’s hard to make time for it, but it needs to be done. When I don’t…

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  • It’s Just a Small Update

    Hello, chaps: Sorry to have been incommunicado on here, but life got in the way. I’ve been receiving your comments – thank you – and your questions about my art and my writing. I’ve tried to respond to as many as possible. Today I decided I’d go ahead and give you an update. I’m currently…

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  • Officially, Let’s Make It Official

    I haven’t posted about my new website(s) on here other than by adding a link on my homepage which reads “To View And Purchase My Artwork,” so I thought I should probably make it a little more official. I know I’ve quite a loyal group of readers on here who have been sorely disappointed I’ve…

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  • They Say Change is Good

    I’m currently sitting beside a rather large unfinished canvas; and no, I don’t mean my life. This canvas has been mocking me for months. Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal? Either finish the painting or move on.” It’s the moving on part that has me in a bit of a funk.…

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  • Of Hats and Flasks and Hearts Tied Up with String

    I was in Target, and my youngest son was shopping. He’d been trying on knitted hats in there for the better part of two decades, maybe three, I don’t know. I’d lost track of time. So. Many. Hats. I felt desolate, saw only darkness. Would’ve shot off a flare if I’d had one handy. It…

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  • Ushering Ants

    The past few weeks have been especially hard. The day after my return from a glorious birthday trip to NYC, we unexpectedly lost a family member. It was devastating – and it fell to me to tell my children and husband. The grief overwhelmed. To add to this, the following week, I had to put…

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  • Waiting.

    It was 7 years ago today that I took her life. In so many ways it seems like it was just yesterday. I can practically smell the sterility of the hospital. Hear the click of shoes, the hum of voices, feel the resignation in the room. I still have the lump in my throat and…

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  • You Should TOTALLY Go Screw Yourself

    As they spent a great deal of time applying pressure, I began to hope that I wouldn’t bleed to death on their table. I also began to hope that this experience was over, and that I’d soon be joining the ranks of the gauze brigade in the other room. Um, no. The Mini Melon-Baller returned.…

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  • The Cougher – Or – How to Annoy & Infect Other Diners

    That would have been the ladylike thing to do. It is what most people afflicted with a chest cold would do. Instead this tart found nothing wrong with craning about and coughing like a demented barn owl hacking up rat bones.

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  • Heart Fail-her

    When I met her in high school, she was the freckled girl with the broad smile and convertible red Mercedes – always fun and lively. I had no idea that before my 40th birthday, I’d take her life.

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